[Flac-dev] new checkins

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 23:08:02 PDT 2002

FYI, I have checked in a few interesting things.  One is a
speedup to the decoder (about 15% improvement in overall
decode time).  Another is a new interface to FLAC file
metadata.  If you're curious look at include/FLAC/metadata.h.
It is basically a collection of object manipulation routines
and iterators that make it pretty easy to add/edit/delete
FLAC metadata in files efficiently.  The unit tests are not
quite done yet so there are probably a few bugs to work out
in the next few days.

The last thing is that there is now a new VORBIS_COMMENT
metadata block defined.  Nothing uses it yet but I will be
updating metaflac to be useful, based on the new interface,
so you can add vorbis style comments to FLAC files.


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