[Flac-dev] adding song metadata

Joshua Haberman jhaberman at ups.edu
Thu Mar 28 10:50:08 PST 2002

* Josh Coalson (xflac at yahoo.com) wrote:
> --- Joshua Haberman <jhaberman at ups.edu> wrote:
> > Would a better solution be to allocate an APPLICATION metadata block
> > id
> > for comments?  If so, what format would be best for storing this kind
> > of
> > information?  A series of null-terminated strings seems the simplest,
> > say:
> > 
> > ARTIST=Some Artist\000ALBUM=Some Album\000
> I'm leaning towards having a metadata block that is compatible
> with the vorbis comment spec.  would this be amenable?

I like this idea.  My primary goal is to be able to translate directly
from flac to mp3 or vorbis while preserving all metadata.  If the flac
metadata was vorbis-compatible, the conversion from flac to vorbis would
be trivial.  And since ID3 seems to be a superset of of the vorbis
comment capabilities, conversion from flac to ID3 would only require a
mapping of the schemas that both use (e.g. TRACKNUMBER->TRCK,
TITLE->TIT2, etc.)

> I should probably just reserve the ID for it now, so that it's possible
> for people to roll their own until the next release, which will have
> better metadata editing facilities.

I'm guessing you would probably prefer to write the libFLAC code, but I
would be happy to test it and perhaps write some of the supporting code
(like expanding metaflac to support song metadata).


Joshua Haberman  <joshua at haberman.com>

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