[Flac-dev] adding song metadata

Joshua Haberman jhaberman at ups.edu
Wed Mar 27 18:47:02 PST 2002

What is the best way to add song metadata (artist, album, title, etc.) to
flac files?  I want to be able to define an arbitrary number of
FIELD=value pairs.

Earlier I heard someone mention using id3 tags.  I tried this with the
command-line "id3v2", and while it seemed to work I noticed that the
resulting file no longer began with "fLaC", which violates the format
specification.  Is this a problem?  The command-line decoder would still
decode it without complaning.

Would a better solution be to allocate an APPLICATION metadata block id
for comments?  If so, what format would be best for storing this kind of
information?  A series of null-terminated strings seems the simplest,

ARTIST=Some Artist\000ALBUM=Some Album\000

Comments? (no pun intended :-)


Joshua Haberman  <joshua at haberman.com>

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