[Flac-dev] problem with seek_absolute in libFLAC++

David Collett jg at webone.com.au
Wed Jun 19 01:42:04 PDT 2002

I have been changing my (C++)program over to the new FLAC++ API which 
has gone relatively smoothly.

However, the function seek_absolute() (from the FLAC::Decoder::File 
class) does not seem to work. It always returns false and doesnt seek at 
all. Using gdb, I have narrowed down the problem somewhat, but being the 
novice programmer that I am, I still don't know whats wrong.

When I call the seek_absolute() function eg.


and step inside it with gdb, then print the value of "sample" (the 
arguement), it is NOT 3561525, rather it is some huge number like 

I figure it could be something to do with types or something, 
seek_absolute expects a FLAC__uint64, I have tried a few things along 
this line without success eg.

FLAC__uint64 seekpos = 3561525;

doesn't work either.

Does anyone know what this problem is, or has anyone else had problem 
with seek_absolute of the C++ File decoder class ??


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