[Flac-dev] slow FLAC__file_decoder_seek_absolute()...

Brendan Dowling crypt at phatnoise.com
Thu Jan 17 17:47:01 PST 2002


I checked the archives, but I didn't find anything regarding this
problem.  FLAC__file_decoder_seek_absolute takes an incredibly long time
to seek.  What can I do about this?  How do I fix it?

Here's how I'm calling the function:

if (argc > 2) {
	secs = atoi(argv[2]);
	seek_point = (FLAC__uint64) secs * sample_rate;
	printf("seeking to %d:%02d\n", secs/60, secs%60);

	flac_status = FLAC__file_decoder_seek_absolute(decoder, seek_point);

	if (flac_status) printf("seek absolute = %d\n", flac_status);


Brendan Dowling

p.s., I am making a simple FLAC file player that runs on the Phatnoise 
Car Audio System (see http://www.phatnoise.com/ for more info).

Brendan Dowling
crypt at phatnoise.com
Phatnoise, Inc.

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