[Flac-dev] continuous play between tracks

benny k. ben at bagu.org
Tue Jan 15 15:03:23 PST 2002


i noticed that when i play flac files with xmms there is a gap between
tracks, even on a continuous cd. is this supposed to happen? i thought that
the file format was suppose to allow continuous playback.

my first thoughts were that the program i used to rip (cdparanoia) was  to 
blame. i uncompressed the flac to wav and spliced it together only find it
playing correctly. 

my next intuition was that it had something to do with the id3v2 tags that i
have on the flac files. i stripped the flags off the files and tried playing
it again, only get the same interruption between tracks. 

any insights would be appreciated.


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