[Flac-dev] success compiling and running under IRIX

Martin Blais blais at discreet.com
Sun Jan 13 17:15:09 PST 2002

hello guys

first i would like to say that I'm very happy that there is true open source 
lossless audio compression software available from you guys. i'm 
contemplating archiving my cd collection and i would never even consider 
encoding important stuff with proprietary code. i might just as well throw my 
music away!  flac's goals and features coincide with mine as a user, and it 
compiled and worked out of the box. thanks for great software.

anyway, apart from the flowers, i'm sending this email to let you know i've 
successfully compiled and ran flac under IRIX using the native MipsPro 

some notes you might be interested in:

1) i ran it under both linux and irix on the same test file, however, the 
md5sums of the encoded flac files DON'T match. decoding the flac files back 
into original wav files yields files whose md5sums match, regardless whether 
i'm decoding under linux or irix, so that's not a problem. the mips 
processors are 64-bit processors, perhaps there's something in the header? 
you might want to look into it. it would be nice for flac to produce 
identical encoded files, regardless of the platform where the files were 

2) you should consider making the "-Wall" options in the configure.in file 
conditional to using gcc. i had to remove those by hand to be able use 

3) just for fyi, encoding and decoding on a dual 400Mhz SGI Octane2 box is 
noticeably slower than on a 864Mhz P3 PC. that's funny, since FP ops are 
generally much faster under the MIPS machines and normally, mp3 encoding is 
much faster on the Octanes.

thanks again.


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