[Flac-dev] Bits per Sample, Channel Count

Ingo Ralf Blum ingoralfblum at gmx.de
Thu Feb 14 08:26:39 PST 2002


these two values can be stored in the stream info metadata block as well as
in the header of each frame. This leads to some questions.

- Are these values supposed to change during playback, e.g. first comes a
frame with 2 channels, then with four and the next switches the bit count
from 16 to 8 and so on?

- There are methods to retrieve these values from the stream decoder.
Unfortunately these only work, when a frame was already read. Is this by
design? Currently I check, whether a frame was read and if so use the
FLAC__stream_decoder_get_??? methods to retrieve the sample rate, channel
count and sample size, and if not I just return the values stored in the
stream info metadata block.

Thanks in advance,


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