[Flac-dev] Ogg FLAC and granulepos

Ingo Ralf Blum ingoralfblum at gmx.de
Wed Feb 6 07:17:02 PST 2002


> OK, gotcha.  but currently flac does put one FLAC frame per
> packet.  the exception, and a bug looking at the code again,
> is that it also uses the first packet for the FLAC metadata
> but is using 0 for the packet number of both the metadata and
> the first audio packet, which I need to fix.

You can use -1. This is what Vorbis does for the header packets.

> so I think it does make sense to use the sample number.  unless
> I am missing something.  the ogg spec suggests that it should
> be the number of the last sample in the packet.  so for the
> metadata packet, it could be 0 and still make sense I think.

I must first overthink the filter design for this case, before I can post a



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