[Flac-dev] Proposed change to code that handles output_prefix

Justin Akehurst akehurst at poindextrose.org
Tue Aug 20 01:43:04 PDT 2002

On line 734 in src/flac/main.c, ver 1.77, change:

strcat(outfilename, infilename);


strcat(outfilename, flac__file_get_basename(infilename));

I did this change because I was calling flac with an input filename with a
path on the front of it, and I wanted the output file to go to a different
location, such as this:

flac --best --output-prefix /usr/share/flac /home/akehurst/tmp/my_file.wav

before the change, it was just concatenating the input filename to the
output prefix.

-Justin Akehurst
 akehurst-flac at poindextrose.org

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