[Flac-dev] debianizaton

Severny Morskoy sm1570 at rambler.ru
Sun Aug 18 21:32:03 PDT 2002

>> I think it would be nice to include debianization into CVS tree
>> because it would help Debian users and couse no harm to others.
JC> I am OK with that, though I don't know how practical it is.
JC> I'll leave it up to Matt (the debian package maintainer).
    It seemed to be very simple. Just ask Matt to move his activities
    upon debianization directly to CVS. It will cause appearence on
    "debian" directory with some Debian-specific files (and maybe
    patches). So, it will be able to make .deb from CVS tree, like Ogg

Severny Morskoy

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