[Flac-dev] Error initializing flac stream decoder.

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Sun Aug 18 05:59:02 PDT 2002

I've cross-compiled flac for the armv4l processor (rio receiver), and 
i'm trying to start up a decode thread :

	#include <FLAC/stream_decoder.h>
         FLAC__StreamDecoder *flac = NULL;
         flac = FLAC__stream_decoder_new();
         if (flac == NULL) {
                 printf("[DECODE] Unable to initalize flac object\n");

And, oddly enough, it's consistantly failling at the 
FLAC__stream_decoder_new().  Is there any way to determine exactly why 
it isn't able to start a new instance?

Though the flac executable wasn't able to compile, the libs did manage 
to compile.  Here's the configure syntax I used (along with CC set to 
the cross-compiler)

  $ ./configure --prefix=/home/reza/projects/rio/flac --host=armv4l

Any thoughts?

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