[Flac-dev] AMD debugging test files available

Jon Colverson jon at colverson.co.uk
Sat Aug 17 16:34:02 PDT 2002

Josh Coalson wrote:
> These are the things I would suspect, in order:
> * 3DNOW code (configure --enable-3dnow, turned off by default,
>   but I'm not sure how the package was built)
> * Other IA32 assembly code (on by default)
> * gcc -march=? (AMD-specific optimizations?)
> * Pointer aliasing vs. gcc3 (I would think this would show up
>   on other architectures.  I have not built with gcc3 yet.
>   The pointer aliasing rules are new to me; there is pointer
>   aliasing in flac and the plugins)

I compiled from CVS using Makefile.lite today and I got exactly the same 
verification errors except iits2430.wav which didn't produce any error. 
I set the libFLAC Makefile options such that the compile command was:

gcc -g -O0 -DDEBUG -DFLAC__OVERFLOW_DETECT -march=i386 -Wall -W 
-DFLAC__ALIGN_MALLOC_DATA -I./include -I../../include

Compiler is gcc 2.95.4

I will try running memtest86 as Matt did to see if that could be the 


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