[Flac-dev] Winamp3 Player Plugin error

Mike Wren mikew at etree.org
Fri Aug 9 07:12:04 PDT 2002

The Winamp3 hit the streets yesterday, so i gave the FLAC Winamp3 plugin a
shot (dragged cnv_flacpcm.wac to the Wacs/ directory, yadda yadda) and
received the following error message when starting Winamp3:

Studio.exe - Entry point Not Found

The procedure entry point_chkesp could not be located in the dynamic link
library MSVCRTD.dll.

It's unable to play .flac files, but still plays other formats fine.  I've
tried playing with this for a few minutes this morning and can't get it to
play nice.  Can anyone else reporduce this?  I'm adding the bug to SF


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