[Flac-dev] winamp plug-in enhancement/bugfix

E S es0123 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 31 00:28:01 PST 2001


thanks for the feedback. now i can start encoding like mad knowing that the 
generated flac files are ok =)

(flac -t said the files were ok, despite metaflac's complaints).

i noticed that without the flac-for-winamp plug-in installed, winamp 
correctly displays the id3 filename (e.g. "Bjork - Human Behavior") in the 
playlist and also displays the id3 tags in the file properties (although it 
has the bitrate and some other encoding related info wrong). obviously, 
however, you can't play the flac files without the plug-in.

but if you install the plug-in, winamp will only display the actual 
filesystem's filename in the playlist (e.g. "Human Behavior.flac") and you 
*cannot* display the file properties/id3 info.

fyi: this was done using the latest version of winamp (2.77) and using flac 
1.0 with id3v2.3.0 tags generated by eac.


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