[Flac-dev] upcoming 1.0.1...

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 15:24:02 PST 2001

I am probably going to do another release in the next
couple of weeks.  aside from the fixing a few minor bugs
that have been reported, the next release will (hopefully)
have two neat features:

1. support for wrapping FLAC streams in Ogg.  thanks to
Matt for the initial work.  I have taken his patch and
worked it into flac 1.0, which I will be checking in
this week.

2. hopefully flac will build in Mac OS X.  I just got
an ibook so I'm going to try to get flac to compile
on it for the next release.

it seems like a lot for an .0.1 release but I am leaning
towards a numbering scheme where the major number changes
only when the format breaks backward compatibility, minor
only when the libFLAC api breaks backward compatibility,
and minor-minor for everything else.


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