[Flac-dev] Re: FLAC format

Daniel Souza danielrsouza at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 1 18:00:04 PDT 2001


>That's what I wanted to say a month ago.

Mr. Blum, I'm really sorry for misunderstanding you. My mistake. I choose an
ACM codec because it's the only option that works on every Windows Platform,
and since the DirectShow has a generic wrapper that allows it to use ACM
codecs, it appeared a good idea. I didn't note that the file format was
going to be a problem. But I think a have a solution that can allow me to
achieve my initial goal of compatibility. I can simple write a DirectShow
source filter to read the FLAC file, then the ACM codec can treat the
stream. And the AVIs with embedded FLAC audio will be readable in every
Windows Platform.

>Have you tried to use a WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE? This should make registration

I believe the WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE structure is available only for WDM audio
drivers. Is it true? The WDM drivers are included with all the necessary
functionality only in Windows 98SE or later. I think it's a big problem.
What do you think?


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