Binary compatibility (was Re: [Flac-dev] Sound Font FLAC)

Josh Green jgreen at
Thu Jun 14 19:27:50 PDT 2001

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I think it's a good idea to create a structure to maintain source level
> compatibility.  This reminded me about the issue of binary compatibility,
> though.  Since libFLAC can be built as a shared library, this is an issue which
> should be addressed starting with 1.0.  The soname version should be
> incremented (it is currently at 0), and future ABI changes must be accompanied
> by a soname version number increase.  This is required to allow programs
> dynamically linked against libFLAC to continue to work.

Right. Seems like going one step further and keeping the structure
private and just having access functions might be even better?
	Josh Green

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