[Flac-dev] libFLAC docs

Josh Green jgreen at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jun 14 17:59:53 PDT 2001

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> This is already being done (by me) for the Debian packages.  I create packages
> for:
> - The reference encoder/decoder (flac)
> - The shared library libFLAC.so.0 (libflac0)
> - The development library and headers (libflac-dev)
> - The XMMS plugin (xmms-flac)
> Personally, I think this is beyond the scope of the flac source distribution,
> and should be left to those who are creating binary packages.  The makefiles
> should just install the include files.

It seems convenient to have a way to build packages (RPM, deb) from the
source itself. Thats how I set it up with the Smurf Sound Font Editor
(RPMs only). I usually only see this with RPMs though. If I knew how to
automate this with .debs I would do that as well. Why do you think that
is beyond the scope of the flac source distribution? Binary packages
don't always work and a user often has to compile from source. Its nice
to give them the option of doing so in their native package format.
What options are available for users building debs themselves from
source? I'm really only familiar with RPMs which you can do an "rpm -tb
<package.tar.gz>" to build a binary package from a tar source file
(looks for the RPM .spec file in the tar.gz) or "rpm --rebuild
<package.src.rpm>" to rebuild a source RPM package. Lates..
	Josh Green

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