[Flac-dev] 0.10 released

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 00:58:00 PDT 2001

Well, it's finally here.  0.10 has a lot of improvements.  See the
news page for the full list but here's a summary:

* both encoder and decoder are significantly faster
* flac now has gzip-like command-line usage (should be more intuitive)
* the -# options have been tweaked for efficiency; -5 is the new
* flac now autodetects WAVE input
* flac now ignores (with warning) unsupported WAVE subchunks
* new -o and --delete-input-file options
* XMMS plugin tweaked so that visualizations should not be so slow
* new SEEKTABLE metadata block for storing seek points (speeds up


This is very likely the last beta as I am happy enough with the
performance.  If there are no serious bugs this should become 1.0.


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