[Flac-dev] flac command line usage (was: the road to 1.0...)

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 12:43:48 PDT 2001

--- Larry Fenske <larry at towanda.com> wrote:
> I may be a bit behind, since I haven't looked at the latest
> documentation
> in CVS.  My apologies if these problems have already been solved.
> I think having a default file name is a good idea, but it should be
> just
> a default.  There should also be a '-o' option to specify the output
> file name.  This option would only apply if there is one input.  '-o'
> should also accept a "file name" of '-' (as in '-o-') to specify
> stdout.
> The default output when input is stdin should be stdout.
> I think this option would solve the four problems listed below.
OK, I finally got around to implementing this.


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