[Flac-dev] ACM codec?

Ingo Ralf Blum ingoralfblum at gmx.de
Sat Aug 11 03:50:43 PDT 2001

> ACM stands for Audio Codec Manager.


> It's a DirectShow SDK's interface.

No, its a user mode multimedia driver. Direct Show uses filters (COM objects).

> There's a lot of Software for Windows capable of using ACM codecs, like
> Windows Media Player, VirtualDub, VideoMach and others.

Yes, but for Media Player you need a Direct Show filter for playback of FLAC
files. With an ACM driver this isn't possible. The best thing which you can do
with the latter is to embed data into an AVI and even this doesn't work well.
Once that you have multiplexed a non-fixed-sample-size audio stream into an AVI,
you can't edit it at sample granularity. (Naturally not. There are of course
several workarounds for MP3 e.g.)

Regards Ingo

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