[daala] Dumb questions from a fan

Zach Lym zachlym at indolering.com
Fri Apr 3 12:45:49 PDT 2015

I'm a big fan of patent-free codecs and I had a few questions about
Daala/feedback on your presentations.  I'm largely ignorant of the actual
mechanics and I apologize for how basic the questions are.  Hopefully it
helps improve the reach of your messaging : )

A recent talk mentioned some areas for greater parallelization and better
use of generic graphics hardware.  It would be nice if you made a broader
comparison between h.264/5 and Daala.  For example, you could have a block
diagram of the decoding steps for each and highlight where Daala can be

It would also be nice to hear some commentary on how this will impact
adoption.  Will hardware decoding of Daala will be competitive with
dedicated h.264/5 decoders?  What about on mobile platforms?  Will shimming
support for Daala using JS/WebGL be a realistic option?

Thank you,
-Zach Lym
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