[daala] netvc BoF at IETF 91

Jack Moffitt jack at metajack.im
Wed Oct 15 12:53:42 PDT 2014

We have scheduled a BoF to talk about an Internet Video Codec (netvc)
at IETF 91. It will be held Thursday, November 13th from 1300-1500 HST
(Hawaiian time). I'll try and remember to post remote participation
details here before the event.

Here's the draft agenda:

1. Note Well, logistics, agenda bashing (5 minutes, Chairs)
2. Introduction and scoping of BoF (AD, 10 min)
3. Goals (Chairs, 10m)
3. Progress to date (10 minutes, Chairs)
   a. rtcweb video codec discussion established perceived need
   b. Open issues: requirements, participants
   c. Several individual drafts have been published
4. Engineering progress to date (30m, Mozilla & TBD)
5. Charter discussion (35 minutes, moderated by Chairs)
   a. Problem statement
   b. Objectives
   c. Deliverables
   d. Milestones
6. Questions to be answered (20 minutes, moderated by Chairs)
   a. Is there a problem that needs solving?
   b. Is the scope of the problem well defined and understood?
   c. Should this work be done at the IETF?
   d. Is there agreement on what a WG would need to deliver?
   e. Are there people willing to do the work?
      i. Writing drafts
      ii. Reviewing drafts
      iii. Implementing / testing / characterizing / other
   f. Would a videocodec WG have a reasonable probability of success?


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