[daala] Suggestion for Possible Motion Estimation Speed Up

Nicholas Buckner nlborlcl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 12:32:46 PDT 2013

Hello to gmaxwell and bwc,
     I'm Nicholas, a somewhat amateur programmer. I once worked on
making custom puzzle pieces based upon item recognition in photos
based upon photo simplification through limited indexed colors and
their clumping. While I don't think index colors will be useful to
you, I did find zooming out and looking out at 1/4 of the data and
sometimes zooming out again and looking at 1/16th of the data did
wonders for creating a good estimate quickly. Beyond that, the image
was too muddled/blurry/blended, and even though it was remarkably
speedy, it was giving bad estimate handoffs to be refined by the
1/16th zoom part. I do hope that future codecs make motion searches
easier as every time the resolution is bumped up, the motion search
would need to be as good to keep the bitrate need growth as linear as

My best,

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