[xiph-commits] r15997 - in websites/celt-codec.org: . downloads

xiphmont at svn.xiph.org xiphmont at svn.xiph.org
Tue May 12 14:45:37 PDT 2009

Author: xiphmont
Date: 2009-05-12 14:45:37 -0700 (Tue, 12 May 2009)
New Revision: 15997

Finish the release process now that the mirrors have pulled the release package.

Modified: websites/celt-codec.org/downloads/index.shtml.en
--- websites/celt-codec.org/downloads/index.shtml.en	2009-05-12 16:11:53 UTC (rev 15996)
+++ websites/celt-codec.org/downloads/index.shtml.en	2009-05-12 21:45:37 UTC (rev 15997)
@@ -46,15 +46,17 @@
 <li>Pre-built CLI encoder/decoder: <a href="http://downloads.us.xiph.org/releases/celt/celt_052_tools_win32.zip">celt_052_tools_win32.zip</a> (Windows)
-<h3 id='zero.5.1.1'></h3> <p>This is an update of 0.5.1 that
-renames exported library/header symbols and header install locations
-from 'celt*' to 'celt051*' in order to assist in packaging and
-deploying compatability versions of this prerelease alongside later,
-incompatible versions of celt.
+<h3 id='zero.5.1.3'></h3> <p>This is an update of the original
+0.5.1 release that renames exported library/header symbols and header
+install locations from 'celt*' to 'celt051*' in order to assist in
+packaging and deploying compatability versions of this prerelease
+alongside later, incompatible versions of celt. In addition, this
+release contains fixes to all bugs known to affect the original 0.5.1
-<li><a href="http://downloads.us.xiph.org/releases/celt/celt-0.5.1-1.tar.gz">celt-</a></li>
+<li><a href="http://downloads.us.xiph.org/releases/celt/celt-">celt-</a></li>
 <h3 id='zero.5.1'>0.5.1</h3>

Modified: websites/celt-codec.org/index.shtml.en
--- websites/celt-codec.org/index.shtml.en	2009-05-12 16:11:53 UTC (rev 15996)
+++ websites/celt-codec.org/index.shtml.en	2009-05-12 21:45:37 UTC (rev 15997)
@@ -69,6 +69,18 @@
 <ul class="descriptivelist">
+      <h3>Compatibility version released</h3>
+      <p class="submitdate">12 May, 2009</p>
+      <div class="description">
+                <p>This is a bugfix update of the
+                compatability release with several bugfixes backported
+                into the 0.5.1 compatability branch.  As with,
+                this release is not compatible with either 0.5.0 or
+                earlier, or with 0.5.2 and later.  <p>
+      </div>
+   </li>
+   <li>
       <h3>Compatibility version released</h3>
       <p class="submitdate">22 April, 2009</p>
       <div class="description">

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