[xiph-commits] r8865 - trunk/xiph-rtp

giles at motherfish-iii.xiph.org giles at motherfish-iii.xiph.org
Mon Feb 7 13:50:47 PST 2005

Author: giles
Date: 2005-02-07 13:50:46 -0800 (Mon, 07 Feb 2005)
New Revision: 8865

Fix up the prototypes.

Modified: trunk/xiph-rtp/vorbisrtp.c
--- trunk/xiph-rtp/vorbisrtp.c	2005-02-07 21:45:30 UTC (rev 8864)
+++ trunk/xiph-rtp/vorbisrtp.c	2005-02-07 21:50:46 UTC (rev 8865)
@@ -125,8 +125,10 @@
 int createsocket (struct RTPHeaders *RTPHeaders, struct sockaddr_in *sockAddr, char *addr, unsigned int port, unsigned char TTL);
 void creatertp (unsigned char* vorbdata, int length, int bitrate, struct VorbisBitfields *vorbheader, int type);
 int sendrtp (struct RTPHeaders *RTPHeaders, int fd, struct sockaddr_in *sockAddr, const void *data, int len);
-void configpacket (struct VorbisConfig *Config, int bsz0, int bsz1, vorbis_info vi);
+int makevorbisheader (unsigned char *packet, int length, struct VorbisBitfields *vorbheader);
+int ogg_copy_packet(ogg_packet *dst, ogg_packet *src);
 /*  Calculate CRC32                                                          */

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