[xiph-commits] r10536 - trunk/vorbis/doc

lu_zero at svn.xiph.org lu_zero at svn.xiph.org
Sun Dec 4 15:18:36 PST 2005

Author: lu_zero
Date: 2005-12-04 15:18:34 -0800 (Sun, 04 Dec 2005)
New Revision: 10536

O/A section in sync with theora-rtp

Modified: trunk/vorbis/doc/draft-ietf-avt-vorbis-rtp-00.xml
--- trunk/vorbis/doc/draft-ietf-avt-vorbis-rtp-00.xml	2005-12-04 23:17:39 UTC (rev 10535)
+++ trunk/vorbis/doc/draft-ietf-avt-vorbis-rtp-00.xml	2005-12-04 23:18:34 UTC (rev 10536)
@@ -846,7 +846,7 @@
 <section anchor="Usage with the SDP Offer/Answer Mode" title="Usage with the SDP Offer/Answer Model">
-The answer to any offer, <xref target="rfc3264"></xref>, MUST NOT change the URI specified in the configuration-uri attribute. The Configuration inlined in the configuration parameter MAY change.
+The offer, as described in <xref target="rfc3264">An Offer/Answer Model Session Description Protocol</xref>, may contain a large number of delivery methods per single fmtp attribute, the answerer MUST remove every delivery-method and configuration-uri not supported.

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