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giles at motherfish-iii.xiph.org giles at motherfish-iii.xiph.org
Wed Sep 29 16:39:19 PDT 2004

Author: giles
Date: 2004-09-29 16:39:19 -0700 (Wed, 29 Sep 2004)
New Revision: 7893

Fluendo now has a permanent theora test stream up from their webcam. 
Link to it as a test stream for people to try.

Added: websites/theora.org/fluendo-theoratest.pls
--- websites/theora.org/fluendo-theoratest.pls	2004-09-28 22:34:25 UTC (rev 7892)
+++ websites/theora.org/fluendo-theoratest.pls	2004-09-29 23:39:19 UTC (rev 7893)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@

Modified: websites/theora.org/index.html
--- websites/theora.org/index.html	2004-09-28 22:34:25 UTC (rev 7892)
+++ websites/theora.org/index.html	2004-09-29 23:39:19 UTC (rev 7893)
@@ -106,6 +106,7 @@
 <ul class="nav">
 <li><a href="http://www.theora.org/torrents/cc-theora-small.torrent">CC spots</a></li>
 <li><a href="http://www.theora.org/torrents/Honey-small.torrent">Honey</a></li>
+<li><a href="fluendo-theoratest.pls">Fluendo stream</a></li>
 <h3 class="nav">Support us</h3>
 <div class="nav" style="padding: 0em 0em 0em 0.5em; margin: 1em;">
@@ -123,7 +124,21 @@
 <div class="content">			
-<h3>[ 2004 Sept 28  - v2v posts theora content ]</h3>
+<h3>[ 2004 Sept 30 - Fluendo test stream ]</h3>
+<p>Fluendo has posted a stable test stream for those wanting to try
+theora's network aspect. It's mostly just a webcam of their office,
+and often rather dull at night (or when the power is out) but it's nice 
+to have something that's generally available for testing. Thanks, 
+<p>The stream url is
+or click <a href="fluendo-theoratest.pls">here</a> to open the stream in 
+your player application.
+<h3>[ 2004 Sept 28 - v2v posts theora content ]</h3>
 <p>Florian Schneider has posted video from the <a 
 href="http://neuro.kein.org/">neuro</a> conference this past February in 
 Munich, all in theora format. This includes a <a 
@@ -140,7 +155,7 @@
 are available.</p>
-<h3>[ 2004  Sept. 11 - interview with Fluendo CEO, Julien Moutte ]</h3>
+<h3>[ 2004  Sept 11 - interview with Fluendo CEO, Julien Moutte ]</h3>
 <p>OSNews has an in inteview with Julien Moutte discussing  upcoming 
 products and services based 
 on Ogg Theora, including a java version of the Theora client that 

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