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Author: giles
Date: 2004-09-28 15:06:24 -0700 (Tue, 28 Sep 2004)
New Revision: 7891

Link to Neuro video and another of fls' projects.

Modified: websites/theora.org/index.html
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 <div class="content">			
+<h3>[ 2004 Sept 28  - v2v posts theora content ]</h3>
+<p>Florian Schneider has posted video from the <a 
+href="http://neuro.kein.org/">neuro</a> conference this past February in 
+Munich, all in theora format. This includes a <a 
+discussion</a> with Enno Patalas, revered film preservationist; Brian 
+Holmes; Sebastian L&uuml;tgert; and Ralph Giles, one of the theora 
+developers. General documentation of the conference and its other 
+sessions is available <a 
+<p>Florian has also posted versions of a programme he produced for the 
+German French tv station arte. Torrents for <a 
+and <a 
+are available.</p>
 <h3>[ 2004  Sept. 11 - OSnews interview with Fluendo CEO, Julien Moutte ]</h3>
 <p>Discussion of upcoming products and services based on Ogg Theora, including a java version of the Theora client that 
 will allow viewing of Ogg Theora format video inside web browsing windows. <br>

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