[xiph-cvs] cvs commit: ogg-python - Imported sources

Andrew Catham Master of Python andrew at xiph.org
Mon Feb 5 19:18:20 PST 2001

andrew      01/02/05 19:18:20

  imported sources
  Vendor Tag:	xiph
  Release Tags:	start
  N ogg-python/NEWS
  N ogg-python/README
  N ogg-python/prebuild.sh
  N ogg-python/config_unix.py
  N ogg-python/setup.cfg
  N ogg-python/MANIFEST.in
  N ogg-python/AUTHORS
  N ogg-python/setup.py
  N ogg-python/.cvsignore
  N ogg-python/ChangeLog
  N ogg-python/COPYING
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggstreamstate.c
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggstreamstate.h
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggpacket.c
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggpacket.h
  N ogg-python/src/general.c
  N ogg-python/src/general.h
  N ogg-python/src/_oggmodule.c
  N ogg-python/src/_oggmodule.h
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggpack.c
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggpage.c
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggpage.h
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggpackbuff.c
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggpackbuff.h
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggsyncstate.c
  N ogg-python/src/pyoggsyncstate.h
  N ogg-python/test/testogg.py
  N ogg-python/pysrc/__init__.py
  N ogg-python/include/pyogg/pyogg.h
  No conflicts created by this import

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