[annodex-dev] libannodex and pyannodex versioning.

Ben Leslie benno at benno.id.au
Mon Jun 18 14:09:25 PDT 2007

So, I got this email the other day castigating me for having version
numbers of pyannodex running into the 4 digits. Now it turns out this
is mostly because I'm just using one digit for pyannodex that hangs
off the end of libannodex. 

I'm currently thinking of ways this could be better.

1/ Integrate pyannodex into libannodex, so my patches are just
patches on the main source, and then we only have 3 digits of

2/ Come up with my own independant numbering scheme.

3/ Everything is fine, leave it the way it is.

Any comments would be helpful.

Along the same lines, is there a 1.0 planned? What features
are missing? Can We just make 0.7 == 1.0? (Especially since
there haven't been any releases for a good year now).



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