[advocacy] Vorbis support in Sweep 0.5.7

Conrad Parker conrad
Fri Oct 11 03:03:09 PDT 2002

Hi all,

Sweep is a full-featured open source sound editor, now used in production
at Pixar and rapidly gaining popularity elsewhere. You can use Sweep for
general sound editing on a Linux or *BSD desktop, and you can also use it
as a tool for live DJing and experimental music.

The latest version has support for Ogg Vorbis import and export, including
both variable and average bitrate encoding modes. For screenshots of the
Ogg Vorbis encoding dialogs, see:


The full release notes with download links are included below. All info
is at http://sweep.sourceforge.net/

On the Ogg Vorbis advocacy front, we're pushing Ogg Vorbis as the default
and preferred export format, with advocacy blurb in the About pane of the
encoding dialog. Apart from some legalese for logos and Xiph.org (with
permission from Monty), it currently simply says:

Ogg Vorbis is a high quality general purpose perceptual audio codec. It
is free, open and unpatented.

If anyone here would like to improve on that text, please provide a couple
of sentences about it.

Anyway, thanks such for a kickass codec, and have fun with Scrubby :)


<p>Sweep 0.5.7 Development Release

Sweep is a sound wave editor, and it is now also generally useful as a
flexible recording and playback tool. Inside lives a pesky little virtual
stylus called Scrubby who enjoys mixing around in your files.

This development release is available as a source tarball at:


This version includes support for Ogg Vorbis import and export, including
both variable and average bitrate encoding modes. There are many other
user interface updates, including new input controls for sample rates and
channels, and question, information and system error dialogs.

There is a new Screenshot tour of Sweep, including many screenshots of
the new dialogs and general editing:


<p>Summary of library dependencies:

* GTK+ 1.2 (standard in most distributions)

* libsndfile-1.0.x, available from:


* libtdb, available in many distributions or at:


* Ogg Vorbis (libogg and libvorbis 1.0 packages), standard
in most distributions and available from:




Sweep is designed to be intuitive and to give you full control. It includes
almost everything you would expect in a sound editor, and then some:

* precise, vinyl like scrubbing
* looped, reverse, and pitch-controlled playback
* playback mixing of unlimited independent tracks
* looped and reverse recording
* internationalisation
* multichannel and 32 bit floating point file support
* LADSPA 1.1 effects support
* multiple views, discontinuous selections
* easy keybindings, mouse wheel zooming
* unlimited undo/redo with fully revertible edit history
* multithreaded background processing
* shaded peak/mean waveform rendering, multiple colour schemes

Help wanted! Sweep needs testing; please report any problems encountered!
Urgent development is required in the following areas: ALSA and Jack support,
updating of translations and user documentation. (NB. Sweep works fine with
ALSA under OSS emulation -- the native ALSA support needs some fixing).

Sweep is Free Software, available under the GNU General Public License.

More information is available at:


Thanks to Pixar Animation Studios and CSIRO Australia for supporting the
development of this project.

enjoy :)

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