[advocacy] Interview with Jack Moffitt

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Tue May 21 04:31:03 PDT 2002

Daniel James wrote:
> What should I put as a footnote regarding backwards/forwards
> compatibility of decoders - ie, is there an official statement on
> this?

I hope I'm not wrong here, but this is what I know: The decoder of Ogg
Vorbis 1.0rc1 was supposed to be "final" and play all future Vorbis
streams. It had a little bug that prevented exactly this, so now RC2 has
this honor. The RC2 decoder plays all future .ogg files.

Talking about forwards compatibility ... The RC3 encoder was originally
supposed to produce peelable .ogg files. AFAIR, it does just that, but
the way how Vorbis streams are going to be peeled in the future has
changed. There seem to be much better ways than the initial method, so
RC3's "peelability" is more or less worthless. If I understood Monty
correctly, RC4 will produce "correctly" peelable .ogg files, and the
tools for actually doing it will come post-1.0. (Just throwing this in
since peeling still is among the most anticipated Ogg features :).
Corrections heartly welcome.)


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