[advocacy] Vorbis wear

Brian Zisk zisk at well.com
Mon Jul 22 20:58:44 PDT 2002

>On 19 Jul 2002 at 22:18, Dave H wrote:
>>  A mouse mat would be excellent too.  ;o)
>If we took the simple cafepress route, we could get those and more.  Does
>anyone here have experience with cafepress (buying or selling)?  It's not the
>cheapest route, by far.  However, it could probably get us running quickly. 
>Heck, I'll even volunteer to handle the workload!
>I'd sure hate to step on anyone's toes, though.  Is the t-shirt design contest
>from some time back really dead?

Cafepress works fine, but their shirts are fairly simple, and Xiph 
won't make much money off them.

Speaking of plain shirts from the past, I've still got a few from 
pre-historic times, with a now out of business .com sponsor and 
everything (which you can almost change to Icecast with a marker). 
Send me your address, and mention if you'd like Large (though 
unfortunately not average developer size) and/or Baby-T for Women or 
Children, and I'll ship some on out.

I'll cover shipping if it's to the United States, and they're free, 
though a donation through Paypal to donate at xiph.org (or another 
method) would be appreciated. Internationally, I think a donation of 
some sort to Xiph (and then separately I'll cover the shipping) would 
be required.

Just let me know where to send them to, and keep up the promoting.


P.S. This is not in any way a substitute for a real run of Vorbis 1.0 shirts.


Brian Zisk


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