[advocacy] Happy New Year! RC3 Released!

Jack Moffitt jack
Mon Dec 31 19:40:06 PST 2001

Happy New Year from the Xiphophorus Team.

It took longer than we thought, but I think everyone will agree this is
our best release yet.

With drastic quality improvements and new bitrate management features,
this release brings us one step closer to 1.0.

Along with all the lovely VBR modes you are used to, you now have
millions more.  oggenc's quality settings are 0-10 in increments of
.0000001 or so.  Also, -b will do ABR (average bitrate), and -M will
specify the maximum bitrate allowed (-m the minimum).  You can use this
to emulate CBR (the threshold for these values is configurable in the
libs and defaults to 2s).

Bitrate management only works for stereo 44.1kHz 16bit files.  VBR modes
are tuned for 44.1kHz but will work on any input.

The win32 build system was drastically overhauled by Chris Wolf, and is
a lot better.

RC4 is already well underway and will feature a complete set of modes
for 22.05kHz, etc, bitrate management for all inputs, and much improved
lower bitrate quality (although this has already improved quite a bit in

Should you wish to support our efforts financially towards RC4 and 1.0,
please send your donations via PayPal to donate at xiph.org.


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